TDI has opened its scholarship application for its “Communication Access Scholarship Program”. This is a nationwide search to encourage deaf and hard of hearing students to innovate and bring forth ideas for addressing the biggest communication access challenges that the community faces. To be eligible, students must be a graduating high school student committed to attending post-secondary school in the Fall.

“We’re excited to continue our scholarship program and invite all high school seniors to help us truly transform and improve communication access for people who are deaf and hard of hearing people,” said Mark Seeger, TDI Scholarship chairperson. “Last year we awarded six outstanding individuals and hope to see a growing number of applicants .”

Jan Withers, TDI Board President, commented “We are thrilled to continue providing scholarship opportunities to these wonderful deaf and hard of hearing seniors who are graduating this year. We also deeply appreciate Ultratec, Sorenson, ZVRS/ Purple and Hamilton for their continued support. We look forward reviewing the wonderful ideas these students will bring. We encourage the many graduating high school seniors from deaf schools and mainstream programs to participate in this program.””

Claude Stout, TDI Executive Director added ” Additionally, we’d like to recognize Mark Seeger, TDI Central Region Board Member, for his leadership and tireless effort in getting this program running. Most importantly, a special thanks to David Coco for his willingness to help support this process.”

Electronic and paper submissions are accepted and will be open until May 15, 2020 and the winners announced by September 2020. All applications will be reviewed by an independent party with vested interest in the deaf and hard of hearing community.

For full scholarship details on eligibility, requirements, and application, visit