NextGen Accessibility Summit

Bridging Divides: Empowering All Abilities

September 17, 2024

11AM – 5PM ET

TDIforAccess, Inc.

New Name, New Address, Same TDI. In collaboration with industry stakeholders, policymakers and consumer organizations, TDI serves as a national leader in fostering accessibility and inclusion in Information and Communications Technology. (ICT)

People to have hearing loss by 2050, whereas the US population is expected to be 458 million

Policy Comments TDI Submitted to Federal Agencies since 2000

Emergency Access

  • All DHH people must have multiple ways to directly connect with 9-1-1 centers.
  • DHH people must be able to access, receive and immediately comprehend all emergency alerts when broadcasted live.

Telecommunication Relay Services

  • The national relay system must be fully accessible to all DHH people.
  • The TRS system must be interoperable with emerging telecommunication and video-phony platforms allowing DHH people to directly connect with anyone.


  • All types of captioning systems should be accurate in spelling, syntax, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Captions should be synchronous audio and video files, nor overlap with other text.
  • All video content shall be captioned (including cable, satellite, streaming, etc).

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