Matt Myrick Steps Down. After six years, Matt Myrick steps down from his role as member-at-large on the TDI Board of Directors to accept a position with WarnerMedia. In a letter to the TDI board, Myrick wrote, “I feel lucky to have volunteered with you since 2016. I will always champion TDI’s cause. I look forward to seeing your future accomplishments in supporting the hearing, deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened and DeafBlind communities.”

Matt Myrick. Headshot of white male with dark hair wearing glasses smiling facing camera wearing a dark suit with line-patterned button down shirt.

Matt’s absence will be felt, said Jan Withers, TDI Board President. “He contributed to TDI in many ways, especially with his roles on the finance committee, web development, and Training Institute.”

TDI Executive Director Eric Kaika agreed. “Matt had joined the board several months earlier when I started with TDI, and it was wonderful seeing a familiar face,” Kaika recalled.  “This is definitely a bittersweet moment, because Matt has been a tremendous asset to the board, and will be greatly missed. Even so, I’m thrilled for his career advancement. Along with having more deaf and hard of hearing people in accessibility leadership positions.”

The TDI Board will immediately begin the process to fill the vacancy via presidential appointment at the next TDI board meeting on April 22-23, 2022, in Madison, WI. The selected candidate will serve until September 1, 2025. Since Myrick leaves less than a year into a four-year term, his seat will be on the ballot at the 26th biennial conference in 2025, along with two other board positions. TDI members will fill two other seats on the board at that time.

Board election timeline:

TDI Conference 2023

Northeast and Southeast regional elections

Spring of 2024

Three Member at Large seats, (filled by Presidential appointments)

TDI Conference 2025 

Central (vacant) and Midwest (incumbent) regional elections,
and one Member at Large (Myrick’s seat)

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