Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Youth Forum: (Salon D, Main Level) 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM

Moderator:  Matt Myrick, Member-At Large, TDI Board of Directors, and Lead Accessibility Solutions at Chief Compliance Office, Corporate Accessibility Technology Office, AT&TParticipants:

Dr. Raja Kushalnagar, Director, Information Technology Program, Gallaudet University
Greyson Watkins, Chief Executive Officer, Hz Innovations
Gary Behm, Director, Center for Access Technology, NTID, Rochester Institute of Technology
Dr. Christian Vogler, Director, Technology Access Program, Gallaudet University

Tentative details for the Forum are as follows:

Matt Myrick, who is one of our eight TDI Board members will serve as the Moderator for the forum. Dr. Vogler and Dr. Kushalnagar will speak about the emergency call video boxes that hopefully will be made available in the near future for the Gallaudet community, and also the sound recognition technology being explored as part of its Sandbox program.  Mr. Behm will share with us the latest initiatives of NTID’s Center for Access Technology. Behm will also discuss the winners from the last two years of NTID’s “The Next Big Idea” competition.  Mr. Watkins will describe the potential WAVIO has for the future at home for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Watkins also will identify the challenges Hz Innovations has had to secure support in terms of policy and funding from industry and government.

The panel will be then asked some questions regarding their presentations, or other topics in general re: technology, entrepreneurship, funding/procedure for research projects, outreach, and career preparation for the deaf and hard of hearing youth.  Also the panel will be asked to give their take on mainstream topics like the Internet of Things, and Autonomous Driving.

While we strongly encourage you to attend the full conference, if you prefer to only register to attend the Conference for a day on either Thursday, July 28 or Friday, July 29, you absolutely can!  Saturday, July 29 is Consumers’ Day, so all are welcome to attend, and you do not need to register to experience what the TDI has to offer for the day.

This Conference offers you and others a wonderful three-day’s experience and opportunities for personal/professional development.  You learn about the latest in public policy for disability access, to network with others from with business and government, and to visit the exhibits that give you the latest information and hands-on experience with accessible products and services.  You meet the industry leaders that have worked with TDI and its sister consumer groups in the last two years on access topics such as relay services, emergency communications, wireless communications and information, and captioning of video programming.

Conference Program (schedule of events): https://tdiforaccess.org/2017-conf-agenda/

We invite you to join us at the Conference.  Check our website tdiforaccess.org or the links below to register for the Conference, to stay at the host hotel – the Bethesda North Marriott, and to buy tickets for the baseball game.  You can register for full combo tickets, or single events like the President’s Reception, the two Luncheons – Professional Motivational or Awards, and the Dinner/Entertainment Finale. 

Conference Registration: https://tdiforaccess.org/2017-conference/

Nationals vs Rockies Baseball Game, Friday, July 28: https://tdiforaccess.org/2017/06/washington-nationals/

If you still need information or support to make Conference plans, feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected].  We will then contact you, and help you until you are completely satisfied.  We thank you very much for considering our invitation to participate in the Conference.