TDI 2022 Scholarship Program

2022 Scholarship Program Open to Graduating Deaf and Hard of Hearing High School Seniors: Deadline to Apply: May 13, 2022

Now in its fourth year, the TDI Communication Access Scholarship Program is accepting applications. This program is available to all deaf and hard-of-hearing students graduating from high school this year. The scholarship application encourages deaf and hard-of-hearing students to innovate and bring forth ideas for addressing the communication challenges that the deaf and hard-of-hearing community faces.

Mei Kennedy, the chairwoman of the TDI Scholarship, stated, “We believe that by awarding scholarships, more deaf and hard of hearing student leaders are given a headstart to have an effect on campaigning for accessibility, equity, and inclusion in information and communications technology. Last year, we awarded six outstanding individuals and hope to see a growing number of applicants.”

“We are thrilled to continue providing scholarships to students pursuing their post-secondary education.  TDI appreciates UltratecSorensonZP Better Together, and Hamilton‘s continued support to this program ” noted Eric Kaika, CEO of TDI

All deaf and hard of hearing graduating high school seniors can apply online at before May 13, 2022. Applications sent by mail must have a postmark that matches the deadline. Applicants will be notified before September of the award.

For full scholarship details on eligibility, requirements, and application, visit]

Please click on this link to see this video in ASL format.

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