Did you know you could call Microsoft for support? Did you know that you could call them directly by videophone? You do not need to call using Video Relay Service (VRS); sign directly with a Microsoft expert who uses and understands American Sign Language (ASL).

If you are having trouble with Microsoft devices or software, and prefer to use ASL, call Microsoft at 1-503-427-1234. You will be connected with a Microsoft employee who is trained to help you with Microsoft Office and Windows.

The Microsoft Disability Answer Desk is designed to accept calls through voice, VRS, online chat or videophone. Below are two Microsoft representatives introducing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. They introduce themselves by name, and that they are part of the Disability Answer Desk before proceeding to showcase new features. The video is also captioned.

Microsoft Disability Answer Desk is an accessible service provided directly to the ASL community. In addition, Microsoft has a website dedicated to accessibility, spanning from vision, speech, mobility, learning and hearing needs.

Clicking on the “Hearing” box downloads a Guide to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing users make their software more usable, by enabling certain accessibility features. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide can be downloaded here.