50+ Year Old National Directory for the Deaf Published Online and Free to Use.

TDI is proud to announce the launch of our new online Blue Book. The iconic phone book that we know so well by its blue hues has transformed into a digital network that connects our deaf and hard of hearing community.  TDI has been the premier deaf and hard of hearing directory provider of our community for more than 5 decades.  We honor this tradition by offering TDIBlueBook.com as a virtual source of all things deaf and hard of hearing.

In 1968, TDI announced the debut of its first Blue Book, a three ring binder that was used to list phone numbers of TTY users.

Small light blue three-ring binder opened showing two-pages of names, addresses and TTY phone numbers.

Earlier version of TDI’s Blue Book

This humble binder picked up momentum and transformed into the blue paperback version that millions have utilized to find information on deaf/hh businesses or individuals.  However, as with any technological marvel that has outgrown its parameters, the time for the Blue Book to be reinvented has come.

TDIBlueBook.com is a free online database of deaf/hh businesses, organizations and institutions that can be searched by name, location or type.  Registration is free. Business owners can add their own listing and share contact information such as social media profiles and VP numbers.  Ratings and feedback are available too.

TDIBlueBook.com embodies our commitment to providing access to resources for the deaf and hard of hearing community. In addition to our inventory of international deaf-owned businesses, we also maintain a listing of all the deaf schools, mainstream schools, and oral-approach schools.  Our users will find an uncomplicated way of searching our index of government and state agencies for deaf/hh for the contact information they need.

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