The TDI Board of Directors is happy to announce Curtis Humphries’ selection as a member-at-large.

“Curtis’ acceptance of this appointment is a source of great honor for the TDI Board of Directors. He has had a long, storied career in telecommunications and business management, in both private and public sectors.  He brings to the Board tremendous skills and knowledge. Along with a huge commitment to advocating for full accessibility in Information and Communication Technology.  Please join me in giving Curtis a warm welcome.” said Jan Withers, President of TDI.

Curtis Humphries

Chris Humphries HeadshotCurtis Humphries, starting his first term as a Director, commented, “For years TDI has worked behind the scenes to push life-changing access for many people with disabilities. Now it’s time to ‘shout out to the world’ about the excellent work done by TDI’s hardworking team and board. I count it a joy to take part in their mission to assist 48 million deserving Americans today.”

TDI is the nation’s leading advocate for deaf and hard of hearing people’s equitable access. It strives to strengthen access to telephone, radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable networks. Additionally, TDI monitors and comments on federal policies and rules involving access to information and communication technologies and best represents the diverse DHH community in its policy comments.

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TDI represents 48 million Americans who have some degree of hearing loss.

We welcome all members of the deaf and hard of hearing community (DHH): deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, deafblind, lip-readers, cued-users, veterans with hearing loss, senior citizens, deafdisabled, and/or having additional sensory, mobility, cognitive or other communication disabilities.

TDI represents the entire DHH community with one goal– to ensure every person has equitable access to the nation’s telephone, cable, television, radio, and broadband networks.

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