On the third day of conference programming, we will meet various industry members who will detail what their companies are doing for people who are deaf and hard of hearing in terms of accessibility in their products and services. We have a very exciting and powerful line-up featuring:

  • Sarah Herrlinger, Senior Director of Global Accessibility Policy at Apple
  • Jenny Lay Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft
  • Sam Sepah, Artificial Intelligence Research Product Manager at Google
  • Peter Korn, Accessibility Director at Amazon
  • Gary Behm, Director of RIT/NTID Center on Access Technology
  • Monica Desai, Global Head of Connectivity and Access Policy at Facebook
  • Chris Soukup, Chief Executive Officer at Communication Service for the Deaf
  • Leah Cox,Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, University of North Carolina 

There are three individuals from this line-up who aren’t technically from the industry, yet we had to invite them here today to share some very interesting information and ideas-

Gary Behm is from RIT/NTD’s Center on Access Technology. His team has been pushing many innovative accessibility solutions for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Gary has more than 30 years of professional engineering experience and we’re greatly looking forward to his presentation.

 We are especially excited to have Dr. Leah Cox with us to help us create innovative programs and initiatives in developing and promoting diverse, equitable, and inclusive policies and actions. 

Dr. Cox recently joined the University of North Carolina as their Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer. Prior to UNC, she was at Towson University and Mary Washington in Virginia. She also spent many years working at Gallaudet University, leading the university’s first minority student affairs office.