With the April 18 deadline to file income taxes with the IRS looming in three days, it is all the more imperative for filers to have access to quality information to ensure filing taxes is as easy as possible.

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is one such government agency that should be emulated by other public or private entities.  By incorporating the latest accessibility features, high-profile agencies find it advantageous when public information is disseminated in a way that is easy to read and accessible through American Sign Language (ASL), open captioning, and voice over.  This raises the bar of quality service so that necessary civic duties become less stressful and more positive.

Going a step further, the new Commissioner videos, which premiered in 2014, were produced bilingually to benefit our deaf and hard of hearing taxpayers. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbYvigaIRd0 as one example.

In addition, there are ad hoc training and other topics designed primarily for deaf and hard of hearing taxpayers under the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services playlist such as What to Bring at Tax time, Get Free Tax Help and Understanding Your Tax Return.

Throughout the year, many of you may be seeking information about new ways to reduce your federal income tax burden before the filing deadline. The IRS has had a dedicated YouTube channel with many useful ASL video clips on a variety of tax topics performed by deaf and hard of hearing employees at the IRS.

Since its inception in 2008, the IRS YouTube ASL channel uses the 3-in-1 communication approach: ASL with open-captions and voice over in English.  To view the ASL videos, go to http://www.youtube.com/IRSvideosASL

For the entire list of video topics, go to http://www.irs.gov/uac/Videos-American-Sign-Language-(ASL) or click under Accessibility at the bottom of the IRS.gov home page.  According to the tax codes, the list is maintained with current information, even though some of these videos were initially produced years ago, such as:

  • Is Social Security Taxable?
  • Tax Scams
  • Choose a Tax Preparer Wisely
  • How to Use the ‘Where’s My Refund?’ Tool
  • IRS Withholding Calculator
  • Phishing-Malware

Visit the website often throughout the year for more videos on upcoming topics such as:

  • IRS2Go App (new version)
  • Tax-Related Identity Theft
  • Missing W-2
  • Healthcare: Highlights for Applicable Large Employers
  • Healthcare: Highlights for Self-Insured Employers

Please alert your deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened and hearing family members and friends about the IRS ASL videos. Check back often to view new ASL videos that may cover the topics you need. One way for you to keep up-to-date with our latest video offerings is to click on the red subscription box at the top of the channel under the blue banner.