The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has posted a video in American Sign Language (ASL) to explain new procedures for registering users for video relay services (VRS).

By February 28, 2018, you must provide your  name, address, last four digits of Social Security number, and date of birth (plus additional information if requested from your provider to verify your identity) to each VRS provider with whom you have a videophone number.  You must also give consent to each of your providers to submit your registration information to the TRS User Registration Database.  This means that if you have multiple devices and telephone numbers from different providers, and you submit your information and consent to only one of your providers, you will be able to continue using only that provider.  In order to continue getting service through other providers, you must separately submit your information to each of your providers, along with your consent for each provider to enter your information into the database.  All user information will be kept strictly confidential.

If you do not give your VRS provider your information by February 28, 2018, you may lose access to your VRS provider until such registration information and consent is provided.  

You can also view the new FCC ASL Video on the February 28 Deadline for VRS Registration at FCC’s Disability Rights Office homepage