FCC Filing: Emergency Broadband Connectivity Fund Assistance

TDI FCC Filing


WC 20-445 — Emergency Broadband Benefit Program


TDI, along with the tagged consumer groups filed Comments to the Federal Communications Commission, about the Emergency Broadband Connectivity Fund Assistance.

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URL below is linked to the actual filing document on FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System 

Special Thanks to:  HOGAN LOVELLS

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) posted a Public Notice requesting comments on its Emergency Broadband Connectivity Fund Assistance.

We reminded the FCC to make sure the EBB program includes people who are deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, or deaf with mobility issues. We urged the Commission to make sure internet services that are eligible for reimbursement are not capped with limited data. We also asked that any devices that enables relay services are eligible for reimbursement. Lastly, we asked the FCC to consider allowing households that have a d/hh person to have an additional device eligible for reimbursement, and their monthly discount at the highest level allowable.