Comcast announced that its Internet Essentials program – the largest, most comprehensive, and most successful broadband adoption program for low-income Americans – has been expanded to include all qualified low-income households in its service area. 

Many people in the disability community will now qualify for the program with this expansion as the community is at a higher risk of poverty than many Americans. Access to the Internet can be critical to reversing those trends. This year’s expansion will open the door to the Internet to millions in the community, as well as parents with children either too young for school or whose children are in college, and adults without children who need a connection to learn digital skills, search and apply for new jobs, or research medical benefits. 

This year’s expansion is the culmination of a bold goal Comcast set eight years ago, which is to significantly close the digital divide for low-income Americans. Since then, the program has connected more than eight million low-income Americans to the Internet at home.

To see if you qualify for this this program, find out more here.