Continuing their commitment to tech accessibility, Apple released a website showcasing features “designed for every single person.” The dedicated website covers Macs, iPads, iPhone, Watch and the Apple TV, and disabilities spanning from vision, physical and motor skills, learning and literacy to hearing.

Taking the new website a step further, a special section focuses on features benefiting the deaf and hard of hearing. On this page, explore the devices’ accessible features for deaf and hard of hearing users by clicking each device on the page’s bottom.

A few of the features are hearing-aid compatibility, visible and vibrating alerts and screen flashes. Some features are long supported such as closed captioning, and some of which are new to iOS 10.

The accessibility website push Apple’s developers, who create the apps downloaded from Apple Store, to adopt the philosophy of “the most powerful technology in the world is technology that everyone, including people with disabilities, can use.” Apple took the lead by building accessibility features into their operating system, and provides libraries and tools to developers to make it easier to include accessible features in their apps. Moreover, Apple spotlights app developers with awards, motivating the developer community to create apps accessible to everyone.

A website dedicated to accessibility by a large company whose products are enjoyed by many millions of end-users benefits the disabled community. By following Apple’s lead, other companies also can embrace the model of technology inclusion, where creating products for everyone is a win-win.