TDI, the leading national consumer advocacy organization for accessible technology, is excited to announce uCaption™, the world’s first multilingual, speech-driven, cross-platform, real-time captioning/caption correction service. The official launch date for uCaption™ is Saturday July 29 at TDI’s 22nd Biennial conference in Bethesda, MD.

TDI believes uCaption™ will provide access to live events for the 360 million worldwide deaf, hard-of-hearing, late-deafened, and deaf-blind whom are otherwise disenfranchised from webinars, online courses, and other types of meetings that do not require compliance with related accessibility laws re: live captioning services, or when sign language interpreting does not benefit the individual.

Conference attendees will preview uCaption™ and its capabilities, and then ask questions during the presentation. The presentation will be on Saturday July 29 at 3:15 PM at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel. Two officials will be presenting, Eric Kaika, TDI’s uCaption™ Product Manager, and Steve Jacobs, President of IDEAL Group.  IDEAL Group is the project’s subcontractor responsible for the technology development.

TDI was a recipient of Google’s Impact Challenge/Disabilities grant to develop the capability to produce affordable, accessible, and accurate captions for any live event by combining available speech-to-text technology with real-time caption corrections made by event-designated peers in addition to caption streaming via the internet.

The presentation is free and open to the public. Saturday July 29 is Consumer’s Day, the third and final day of our three-day 22nd Biennial Conference. There won’t be any charge for anyone to attend the 18 exhibits, and 10 demonstrations on Saturday July 29.  Attendance to both exhibits and demonstrations is free, but we ask that you please register online so that we can know how many people to expect. Register now by clicking here, Select the option “Exhibits Only Registration (FREE every day, but you must register)” – it will not cost you anything.

If you attend all 18 exhibits by bringing your passport to each exhibit, and having each exhibitor stamp the passport, verifying your attendance to its booth, you will be eligible for wonderful prizes. See what the prizes are!

Mark your calendars! Saturday July 29 at 3:15 PM at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel