TDI Announces New Board Members

In the left, A white middle-aged male, David Coco, is half-smiling at the camera. He wore a magenta collared shirt and partly bald. He has a white goatee and mustache. On the right picture, John Kinstler, a middle-aged white male, is smiling at the camera. He has a salt and pepper hair and he wore a black blazer along with a formal light blue shirt and a striped black and blue tie.

TDI is pleased to announce the appointment (and re-appointment) of two board members, David Coco of Austin, Texas representing the central region of the United States, and John Kinstler of Madison, Wisconsin representing the midwest region, respectively.

“I am delighted to have John Kinstler return for a second term on the TDI Board and look forward to his continued leadership in the areas of event planning and DeafBlind communications.  I also am delighted to have David Coco join the TDI Board; David is no stranger to TDI as he previously has contributed greatly as a member of the TDI Scholarship Committee, and I look forward to working with him in his new capacity!” said Jan Withers, President of TDI.

On joining TDI, David shared, “TDI’s efforts to improve communication access have played an important role in my career as a space scientist.  I am looking forward to helping make telecommunication accessible for all so that the next generation of people with disabilities can have even more opportunities for participating in the space program.”

The TDI Board wishes to thank Mark Seeger, the previous Central Region representative, for his four years of outstanding service.

John Kinstler, starting his second term as a Director, commented “It has been such an honor to serve as Midwest Region Representative on the TDI Board during the 2017-2021 term. I would like to thank the Midwest region for electing me to serve another term for 2021-2025.”  

Mr. Coco’s first term begins August 1, 2021 and will serve four years. John Kinstler is in his final term, and his board duties will end in August 2025.