As of June 26, 2016, Suzy Rosen Singleton serves as the Chief of the Disability Rights Office of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission. Since May 23, 2016 for a few weeks, she had served in an acting capacity. Since 2012, Singleton practiced as an attorney advisor with the Commission’s Disability Rights Office. Singleton also continues to serve as the Alternate Designated Federal Officer for the Commission’s Disability Advisory Committee. Her legal career started in 1992, and involved civil rights litigation for the now defunct California Center for Law and the Deaf (CalCLAD), and disability policy work in the following former capacities: as the counsel for government affairs for the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), a special education law compliance officer for the U.S. Department of Education, and the ombuds for Gallaudet University. Singleton is licensed to practice in the District of Columbia, and holds a Juris Doctorate from the UCLA School of Law, and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Suzy Rosen Singleton is married to Paul Singleton. They have four children.

Claude Stout, Executive Director of TDI, commented “The FCC couldn’t have made a better decision here. Suzy has shone brightly with her work in the last two years at FCC, especially as Deputy FDO with DAC, and a facilitator for one or two Subcommittees and related working groups. She has exceptional skills and acumen that not many possess. Her familiarity and experience with the years of struggle for full civil rights for people with disabilities have been deep and personal, too!”

TDI is happy to be continuing to work with FCC, especially with Singleton in her new role as the Chief of the Disability Rights Office. We anticipate many more barriers will be broken through by Singleton in achieving a greater degree of accessibility, and quite look forward to her efforts in that regard!

Note: Eliot Greenwald, the existing DRO Division Deputy Chief, has assumed an additional role as the Special Assistant to the Bureau Chief for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS). Having worked in DRO for the past 5 years, Greenwald will continue to have primary oversight in the division for all matters related to TRS. The former DRO Chief, Gregory Hlibok, has relocated to the private sector joining ZVRS as their general counsel and compliance officer.