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Speech-To-Text / Real-Time Caption Corrections Project

1-20160407_203834As a recipient of Google’s Impact Challenge/Disabilities grant, TDI’s project to create affordable, accessible, and accurate captions for any live event is underway. The captioning is made possible by combining available speech-to-text technology with real-time caption corrections made by event-designated peers in addition to caption streaming via the internet.

It will be a web-based prototype accessible using Android, iOS, and Windows-based mobile devices, as well as any computer equipped with a browser, speech recognition capabilities, and a microphone. When completed, the platform will offer the world’s first multilingual, speech-driven, cross-platform, real-time captioning/caption correction services.

Our real-time text-streaming caption correction services will allow event participants to make corrections to captions in real-time during events. The corrections will be seen instantly by everyone viewing the captions, both locally and remotely.googleorglogo

Launched in May of 2015, the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities put $20 million in grants behind nonprofits using emerging technologies to increase independence for people living with disabilities. More information on the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities can be found here:

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