Empowering Future Leaders:

TDI’s Scholarship Opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

The TDI Scholarship Program

The Communications Access Scholarship Program awards scholarships to graduating high school DHH seniors committed to giving back to their community in order to continue improving access to communications technologies for DHH people, supporting the mission of TDI.

Students are recognized for their passion and capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on accessible communication technologies. The application window is from March – May every year.

Congratulations to the 2023 Scholarship Recipients!

A graduation portrait of a white male in late teens. He has a thick black curly hair and wore a black tuxedo suit. He was beaming to the camera

Ria Saxena

Connecticut,                        George Washington University

a graduation portrait of a tanned white male in late teens. He has a thick brown curly hair and wore a blue suit under the blue graduation gown with thick light blue collar.

Henry Willie

Missouri University of Science and Technology

a graduation photo. A white female in late teens was smiling at the camera. She has a brown braid to her side. She wore a blue graduation cap and gown along with golden stole. The white dress was shown between the sides of the blue graduation gown. The graduates were in the background along with some greenery.

Nicole Lee

University of California, Berkeley

a senior picture. The white male in late teens was smiling at the camera. He wore a simple blue shirt. He has his hands in the pant pockets. The greenery was shown in the background.

Cameron Richter

Bryn Mawr College

A portrait of a white female in her late teens with black glasses. She wore a velvet green dress and held a large cello with black flats. Her head was turned away from the camera. The greenery was shown in the background.

Luke DeLeon

University of South Alabama

a senior portrait of a white female in her late teens. She has a long brown, wavy hair. She wore a square-cut black dress and was smiling at the camera.

Annie Rogovin

New York,
Carleton College



Applicants must be high school students graduating this year.


Applicants must be committed to attending post-secondary school starting in the fall of this year.


Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents


Current TDI board members and staff as well as their siblings, children, and grandchildren are not eligible for the Access Communications Scholarship Program

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated record of volunteerism in the community in non-school sponsored activities.

  • Participation in extracurricular school sponsored activities.

  • Demonstrated leadership skills.

  • Academic achievement.

  • Applicants must have the endorsement of their school guidance counselor.

Application window is from March – May each year.

Application Requirements


  1. Complete Application form.
  2. Proof of acceptance at an academic, vocational, or technical school for post-secondary studies. 
  3. Letter of recommendation from a volunteer organization or extracurricular school sponsored program (optional). 
  4. Most recent high school transcript (photocopy is acceptable for application). 
  5. Senior yearbook or graduation photo.
  6. Completion of written or video essay that accompanies this application outlining your idea for people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, late-deafened, or deaf-blind
    • Describing how you will advocate for greater communication access, or
    • Suggesting new communications technology that will provide greater access.



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Silver Spring, MD 20910




Recognition of Major TDI Scholarship Donors


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