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Attend TDI’s Biennial Conference

Every two years TDI hosts a conference that brings together government policy makers, industry representatives, and consumers to discuss the latest in accessible telecommunications, media and information technologies for people who are deaf, late-deafened, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind. TDI conferences are held in various places around the country in order to provide opportunities for consumers everywhere to participate in the conferences.

Our next biennial conference will be in 2019, stay tuned for location and details

Past TDI conferences have been held in the following cities:
2017 – Bethesda, MD
2015 – Baltimore, MD
2013 – Albuquerque, NM (TDI-ALDA Joint Conference)
2011 – Austin, TX
2009 – Washington, DC
2007 – San Mateo, CA
2005 – New Orleans, LA
2003 – Las Vegas, NV
2001 – Sioux Falls, SD
1999 – Seattle, WA
1997 – Kansas City, MO
1995 – Boston, MA
1993 – Anchorage, AK
1991 – San Diego, CA
1989 – Washington, DC
1987 – Secaucus, NJ
1985 – Las Vegas, NV
1983 – Philadelphia, PA
1981 – Overland Park, KS
1979 – Atlanta, GA
1977 – Port Chester, NY
1974 – Chicago, IL

TDI conferences began as an opportunity for what was then called “TDI Agents” to gather and share their expertise and experiences, as well as to answer consumer questions regarding the modification and distribution of teletypewriters.

Since then TDI conferences have grown into biennial events that feature exhibits from various industry vendors, presentations from government policy makers concerning their plans for future policy changes, workshops given by industry representatives concerning their newest accessible technologies, panels where consumers are invited to ask questions and raise issues concerning accessibility, an awards luncheon where worthy individuals are recognized for their outstanding contributions to making telecommunications, media and information technologies accessible for deaf and hard of hearing people, and unlimited opportunities for networking with movers and shakers who are concerned with and knowledgeable about accessibility issues facing deaf and hard of hearing consumers.

So, please consider joining us at the next TDI Biennial Conference.

You will not be disappointed!