Limited Waiver of Peloton Interactive, Inc. TDI, along with the listed consumer groups, filed a reply comment to the Federal Communications Commission, about Peloton Interactive’s request for an 18-month waiver of the Commission’s requirement to ensure the accessibility of user interfaces on internet-connected fitness equipment for users who are blind or visually impaired.

The American Council of the Blind (ACB) then asked the Commission to clarify the devices that Peloton seeks a waiver for were covered by the Commission’s rules and proposed limiting waiver requests to three and six months for different types of equipment. We supported ACB’s statement.

For instance, ACB explained that the Peloton’s products do have a touchscreen that can connect to the internet and the display video thus, according to the Commission’s rules, the rules do cover the devices’ video functionality and require it to be accessible for people who are blind, visually impaired, and Deafblind.

Thus, the Commission should ensure that the Peloton takes steps to have equitable access to the devices and equipment. Not only that, but we also supported ACB’s statement that many of Peloton’s products do not meet the requirement for any categories eligible for the extended compliance deadline.

We urged the Commission to observe the exercise equipment industry more closely since people use at-home fitness equipment more often due to the COVID pandemic. Moreover, the Commission must make sure that the industry has the responsibility to provide equitable access to people with disabilities.

For more information about TDI’s filing addressing the Petition for Limited Waiver of Peloton Interactive, Inc., visit the filing and full list of signatories at the following link.

Limited Waiver of Peloton Interactive


MB 12-108 — User Interfaces, and Video Programming Guides and Menus;

WC 21-140 — Media Bureau

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