Washington, DC – 11 July 2019) Movie theaters in Washington, DC are pleased to announce the expanded availability of movies with open captions.  Beginning with movies playing in theaters the weekend of July 12, 2019, and continuing throughout the summer season, moviegoers in the District of Columbia will have more opportunities to view movies with open captions displayed on the big screen. “Open captions” refers to the text of the dialogue and descriptions of other sound effects displayed on the movie screen and visible throughout the entire movie, much like the subtitles of a foreign film.  Open captions may benefit moviegoers who are deaf and hard of hearing, have auditory processing disorders, and anyone else who enjoys viewing movies with captions displayed.  Check the movie listings of the participating movie theaters, listed below, to find open-captioned showtimes. In addition to the select open-captioned showtimes, movie theaters in DC offer several accessibility options for moviegoers that are available at all or most showtimes, if the movie format supports such technology, including personal captioning devices, audio description headsets, and assistive listening devices.  Check individual movie listings to find showtimes available with closed captioning and audio description. Participating Movie Theaters Contact:  Patrick Corcoran, [email protected], +1 818 506 1778