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Birth of Telecommunication Relay Services (1966 – 1971)

(1966) James Marsters and Andrew Saks establish two relay centers in California. Marsters demonstrates the TTY technology to the Vocational Rehabilitation Adminis­tration to solicit government support.

(1967) FCC settles Carterfone lawsuit by ordering telephone companies to revise policy to allow the use of consumer-provided equipment such as TTYs. Tele­phone/Teletype Communicators of St. Louis establishes third relay service in the country.

(1968) President Johnson issues order adopting the American Standard Code for Information Exchange (ASCII) as a federal standard, minimizing costly incompatibility among Federal computers and tele­communication data systems. Robert F. Kennedy and Martin L. King Jr. assassinated. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter film premieres. Special Olympics begin first games.

(1969) Neil Armstrong becomes first man on the moon in the Apollo 11 lunar space flight.

(1970) New answering services formed in Washington, DC, Detroit & Indianapolis. The US Office of Telecommunica­tions Policy, an executive branch office, was formed to study long-range policy alternatives and make recom­mendations to Congress and FCC.

(1971) IRS rules that the cost of TTYs and modems are tax deductible as medical expense.