Why TDI?

Information and Communications Technologies do not provide DHH people with the level of access and ease experienced by the general population.

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Strategic Plan

Learn about TDI’s two-year strategic plan for 2021-2023 (link).


Foster full accessibility, equity, and inclusion in information and communications technology (ICT).


All individuals and communities have full access and equitable participation in information and communication networks.


TDI monitors and comments on federal policies and rules involving access to information and communication technologies. To best represent the diverse DHH community, TDI engages, interacts, and networks with many DHH stakeholders through a variety of programs: online DHH directory known as the Blue Book, a biennial conference coined TDIConf, an on-demand video learning resource called the Training Institute, a digital publication (TDI World) featuring our latest work, our annual scholarship for graduating DHH high school seniors, and an annual Holiday Party for our members, donors, and sponsors.

Policy Comments

TDI is the nation’s leading advocate for deaf and hard of hearing people’s equitable access to telephone, radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable networks.

Since 2000, TDI has filed over 1,800 comments in the FCC’s Electronic Filing System. TDI has filed or signed onto over 200 comments across the other federal agencies. 

Read / watch our latest filings at TDIforAccess.org/News

Blue Book

In 1968, TDI published the world’s first deaf and hard of hearing directory of TTY users, affectionately known as the Blue Book. What started out as a modest directory quickly grew into a DHH household staple.

Today, the Blue Book is a world wide directory listing of businesses, schools, organizations, and government agencies that have a vested interest in the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Find your local DHH business at TDIBlueBook.com


TDI hosts a biennial conference in the Washington metropolitan area during odd numbered years. The conference brings together policy makers, industry professionals, academia researchers, and DHH consumers to shape accessibility in information and communication technologies.

The President’s Reception, Professional Luncheon, and TDI Awards are short networking functions that happen during TDIConf week.

Register for conference at TDIConf.com

Training Institute

The TDI Training Institute is a quarterly event, spotlighting critical accessibility topics relating to information and communication technologies. TDI hosts interviews or presentations from subject matter experts.  

This is a virtual event that allows TDI Members to engage the presenter and learn about the various accessible technology applications we use.

Watch recent training series at TDIforAccess.org/TrainingInstitute

TDI World

A digital magazine sharing accessible content of TDI’s policy efforts, quarterly reports from TDI’s leadership team, DHH consumer guidances on trending ICT & accessible tech news.

Each issue contains videos, text, and other graphics to help DHH consumers understand what is being done to improve access to the nation’s telephone, cable, television, radio and broadband networks.

Read the latest issue at TDIforAccess.org/TDIWorld.


An annual scholarship program recognizing graduating high school DHH seniors who are committed to giving back to their community in order to continue improving access to communications technologies for DHH people.

Students are recognized for their passion and capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on accessible communication technologies. The application window is from Feb – May every year. 

DHH graduating seniors apply at TDIforAccess.org/scholarship

Holiday Party

Our annual invitational event brings together TDI members, our affiliates,  sponsors and donors to celebrate our accomplishments and close out the year.

Attend the next Holiday Party, become a TDI member today! 


Board of Directors

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Jan Withers


Southeast Region
(Term ends Aug 2023)

Jim House


West Region
(re-Election Aug 2023)

Mei Kennedy


Member at Large
(re-appointment Aug 2025)

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CM Boryslawskyj


Northeast Region
(Term ends Aug 2023)

David Coco


Central Region
(re-Election Aug 2025)

Tina Childress


Member at Large
(re-appointment Aug 2025)

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Curtis Humphries


Member at Large
(appointed Apr 2022)

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John Kinstler


Midwest Region
(Term ends Aug 2025)

Opeoluwa Sotonwa


Member at Large
(re-appointment Aug 2025)


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Tommy Horejes, Ph.D.


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Genelle Sanders, Ph.D.


Eric Kaika


Outside pro bono counsel

Communications & Technology Law Clinic

Our story

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