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New Mailing Address for TDI:  PO Box 8009 Silver Spring, MD 20907

A significant change has come to TDI. Thanks to the paperless office concept, TDI no longer has the need for office space.  The Internet, cloud services, and web apps make it possible to automate many of TDI’s business functions.  For instance, you may have received an e-mail recently containing information about how to securely renew your membership online.  Renewing your membership doesn’t require us to enter data into our membership system.  When your membership is soon expiring, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Also, if you choose not to renew online, and still prefer to get our mail via the United States Postal Service, we will be happy to send you an paper membership form.

All of the above is automatic. With our work being electronic, the employees of TDI now are working from their homes. This saves overhead costs for TDI.  We no longer are paying a lease, and for parking, phone and Internet services.  With the decision to close our physical office in Silver Spring, MD after twenty-one years, we stand to save over $18,000 annually.  By conserving on office operations expenses, we strive to keep your membership dues to TDI as low as possible.  There are other plans in place to invest in expanding our services and processes online.

You may be wondering where to send your membership forms and mail correspondence to TDI.  We have opened a post office box located in Silver Spring, MD.  Mail will be picked up weekly. All mail sent to our former address will be forwarded to our new post office box for the next 6 months so your mail will not be lost.  Our new mailing address, noting the new zipcode, is:

PO Box 8009

Silver Spring, MD 20907

Again, be sure to know that the zipcode has changed to 20907.

As is the new trend with many companies in recent years, TDI’s office is wherever the employees can access our data and files on the Internet.  As always, we can be contacted at our e-mail addresses.  

Claude Stout, Executive Director, TDI:

Tayler Mayer, Director of Public Relations, TDI:

Eric Kaika, Product Manager, uCaption Project, TDI:


If you prefer to write, we have a postal office box for your convenience. We will continue to mail you our TDI World magazines and TDI Blue Book directly from our printing company.

If you prefer to call us in sign language on video to make inquiries on membership, communications, and other issues, you are most welcome to contact Tayler Mayer, Director of Public Relations, TDI at 301-563-9112 VP.  For such contacts related to our captioning and caption correction services, contact Eric Kaika, Project Manager, uCaption, 240-667-7141 VP.  For contacts with Claude Stout, Executive Director, TDI, 919-533-5015 VP.  For some of you that do not use videophone or not know sign language, you can contact any of us by the same phone number.  This will get you through us via relay service, and the interpreter will facilitate the call between us.

Please be assured that the recent complete shift to operating TDI’s operations from the Internet does not impact whatsoever the continuing, active, advocacy support we have produced for nearly fifty years in Washington, D.C.  (Save the date: We will be announcing details on next year’s TDI’s 50th Anniversary celebration to take place on October 25, 2018).  

If you did not receive our e-mail notifying of your membership renewal, let us know by emailing If you prefer to receive a paper membership form, it will be mailed to you shortly. Thank you very much for your ongoing support of TDI.