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Book Signing with Judy Jonas at TDI Conference on Friday July 28

There will be a “Enhancing the VRS Calling Experience panel taking place at the TDI Conference in the Glen Echo room, lower level of the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center from 1:15 to 2:30 PM on Friday, July 28.

Before and after the VRS panel takes place, we give TDI Conference attendees a wonderful opportunity to consider buying a book titled, “Deaf and Hearing Siblings in Conversation.” This book was authored by Judy Jonas and Marla Berkowitz. Ms. Jonas will be at the event.

Deaf and Hearing Siblings in Conversation by Marla Berkowitz and Judy Jonas, a deaf and hearing team, is the first book to consider both deaf and hearing perspectives on the dynamics of adult sibling relationships. Through one-on-one open-ended interviews with 22 adult siblings, using ASL and spoken English, the authors accessed adult siblings’ intimate thoughts about their siblings’ bonds. A major feature of the book is its analysis of how isolation impacts the development of deaf-hearing sibling relationships and the traditional sibling roles as early socialization agents.

Judy Jonas

Marla Berkowitz

Documenting the 150-year history of societal attitudes embedded in sibling bonds, the authors identify ways siblings’ lives were affected by the communication choices their parents made. They also weave information throughout the text to reveal attitudes toward American Sign Language and the various roles deaf and hearing siblings take on as monitors, facilitators, signing-siblings and sibling-interpreters, all of which impact lifelong bonds.

Between them, Berkowitz and Jonas have over fifty years of experience working within the DEAF-WORLD as teachers, counselors, advocates and interpreters. Copy of the book, Deaf and Hearing Siblings in Conversation can be purchased in person for $30.00 from Judy at the book-signing event. If you are not able to be at the TDI Conference, you can buy the book from the website: